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If you have just moved to the city, finding activities to do can be pretty overwhelming! We’ve got some pretty great ideas for you!

Head to West Edmonton Mall – most people already know about how big this mall is, but they don’t always realize how much there is to do besides shop at the mall! You can do everything from amusement parks to water parks, or you can go see a movie and then do some mini golf or go skating! There is even a casino, and a few pubs, bars and nightclubs that you can visit as well! The possibilities are endless!

Check out the expansive River Valley, the entire park is actually made up of a number of different parks featuring 22 ravines, 11 lakes, golf courses and nature centres. It is a great place to go on a warm summer day, and there are plenty of places to host BBQ’s, play games, or just go for a nice walk!

Since Ukrainian settlers arrived in 1899, there is a large population in the city which aids to the success of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village which is an open air museum located just outside of the city featuring historic buildings, gardens and monuments that depict the history of Ukrainian settlers.

Head to the downtown core – with the new Ice District and the well established Arts District there is plenty to see and do. Between shops, boutiques, the Saturday market, Art Gallery of Alberta and restaurants you  could easily spend hours downtown without running out of things to do.

Once you have explored the downtown core of Edmonton you can head across to the  other side of the river and check out the Historic District. There you will be able to a walking tour of some of the oldest buildings in Edmonton and then have a bite to eat in one of the many trendy restaurants along Whyte Avenue.

The nickname “Festival City” is because we host countless festivals at all times throughout the year. From the International Fringe Festival to the Rodeo to K-Days, there is plenty to see and do and be involved in throughout the year.

No matter what your interests are, there is likely a museum in the city that will draw you in. We have historic sites like the Aviation Museum and Fort Edmonton Park, for the science buffs we have the Telus World of Science, to learn more about Alberta you can head to the Royal Albert Museum. Not to mention the year round greenhouses at the Muttart Conservatory! We’ve got spaces that anyone could be interested in.

If you are in the city during any of the winter months, we have a ski hill located south of the city just off the Whitemud Highway. Or you can get tickets to an Oilers game, or even an Oil Kings game! The winter months do mean limit the amount of activities that can be done! Weather permitting you may also be able to check out the Ice Castles that have been built in Hawralek Park the last couple of years.

All it takes it a quick Google and you can find plenty of restaurants, pubs, and shopping centers to visit as well! No matter what your interests or needs are, Edmonton has you covered!

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