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Dive into our comprehensive FAQ section where we tackle the most common queries about moving, packing, and storage. Get clarity and confidence as you prepare for your next move with Stallion.

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There are several types or items that cannot be moved on our vans for safety reasons. Your moving consultant can provide you with a comprehensive list but in general they fall into the following categories: Aerosols, Flammables, Cleaning Agents, Combustibles, Perishables, Plants, Ammunition, Paints. Items such as Jewelry. Coin or Stamp Collections, Stock Certificates. Rare Items. Currency and Important Documents should not be put on the moving van since they are not covered for loss or damage under the mover’s transit protection/cargo protection plan.
A pre-move survey is an inhome Interview between the moving consultant and the customer who is moving. Your AMJ representative will schedule a visit to your home at your convenience to determine the requirements of your move and answer alt your questions it is important that you be there to personally discuss the move process. Be sure to show the moving consultant everything that is to be moved including items in storage sheds, attics etc. If you have items stored at another location. it is best to arrange to have the consultant view these items, if this is not possible. then make a detailed list. The interview and survey have several purposes.
  • Estimate the weight of your shipment
  • Estimate your packing requirements and identify special service needs such as appliance servicing, crating etc.
  • Determine logistics — i.e. access by a tractor-trailor to residence.
  • Review your responsibilities, explain the moving process, step by step, and discuss your individual needs and concerns.
  • Provide suggestions and options that will meet those needs and still remain within your budget.
Keep the following in mind. If possible, do not put items In storage that you may need. Your goods will be stored In palletised storage vaults in a Stallion Moving & Storage agent’s warehouse. If you do need to access your storage vaults. you will be charged a fee for warehouse labour. If you do your Own Packing please remember that all storage items must be packed in a carton. Empty all contents of dressers, chests and drawers before your move into storage.
Some items like washers, dryers, refrigerators with ice makers, grandfather clocks and pool tables need Special servicing before they can be moved. Your moving Consultant can make these arrangements for you.
It depends. If you’re overseeing the move of your office, check with your accounting department about tracking expenses. If you are moving 40 km or more to start a new job, business, or attend school, and are paying for the move yourself, inquire with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.
Stallion Moving & Storage has specialized commercial movers in the warehouse division equipped to handle every aspect of transporting high-value equipment, facilities, and products. We coordinate the necessary resources to keep your production schedule on target.
Absolutely. Stallion Moving & Storage understands the importance of keeping your business information confidential. Our secure office moving services include managing your document management and electronic equipment shredding and recycling needs. Our bonded, uniformed, and photo-identified staff can collect and shred your confidential material, and we’ll issue a certificate of document or equipment destruction for your records.
Absolutely! Check out some of our office design projects and products. Our office moving and design services include space planning, 3D views, renderings, furniture consultation, furniture specification & selection, showroom tours, mock-ups, interior modular partitions, soundproofing solutions, delivery & installation, warranty & repairs.
Our cost estimates are based on a combination of shipment size, destination, special packing requirements, inclusions, speed of service, and method of transport. The fastest way to get a clear price estimate is to visit our Get A Free Quote page.
Any consumables (teas, spices, protein powders, and even dog food) should not be shipped overseas. Additional scrutiny by customs agents can cause delays and expenses. If you have specific concerns, ask us for more information.
Yes. Motor vehicles require special planning when it comes time to organize and customs clear your shipment, but our team will happily guide you through the process. Please note that no personal items may be shipped inside the vehicle.
Yes. Despite our very best efforts to protect your belongings at every turn, there are inherent risks when shipping overseas. We’ll help you select the right transit protection coverage to further safeguard your belongings. Visit our Insuring Your Shipment section to learn more.
Prohibited goods include propane tanks, paint, thinner, matches, aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, nail polish remover, fertilizer, many cleaning products, and any other corrosive, explosive, or flammable material. Visit our Restricted Items resource section for more information.
We tailor unique schedules based on each client’s needs. The time required can vary depending on the final destination and the method of shipping (air, sea, or road). As an example, you can find estimated transit times from select cities on our Transit Time section.
We’ve designed a proven packing methodology built from decades of experience that you can learn about in detail on our Safe Packing section. We use custom packing and padding materials, wooden crates, and modular cartons to ensure everything is shipped as tightly and securely as possible. This reduces friction, shipment size, and subsequent costs.
We work with our global partners to organize storage services in a secure, climate-controlled environment short and long-term, so you can rest assured that your possessions stay safe. We also coordinate storage services at the point of origin for anyone who needs it.
A critical part of our service includes providing up-to-date customs information so you know exactly what to ship and the requirements involved. You can learn more on our Customs Information section.
Definitely. Stallion Moving & Storage’s home delivery vehicles are equipped with GPS devices, allowing your customer service representative to see where drivers are located at any given time and communicate accordingly to the customer. Just in case, all Stallion home delivery drivers are available by cellphone for immediate contact while en-route.
It’s highly unlikely. All items stored with Stallion are ticketed and recorded for easy tracking purposes.
Most importantly, when taking advantage of a Stallion storage solution, keep what you need with you. Your goods will be stored in palletized storage vaults in a Stallion Moving & Storage agent’s warehouse. If you do need to access your storage vaults, there is a fee. If you do your own packing, remember to pack your storage items in a carton and empty your dressers, chests, and drawers before your move into storage.
When using a Stallion Moving & Storage solution, your stuff is safe — no question. Items are stored in private wooden vaults, and not combined with any other customer’s belongings. They are blanket wrapped and shrink wrapped for protection, and only permitted staff have access to our permanently locked and bonded warehouses. We also have a video surveillance system throughout the warehouse, office, and building exterior.
Moving your home could come with many reasons to require either short-term or long-term storage. Many Stallion customers take advantage of storage when they are staging a home, downsizing, deciding on closing dates, or there is a change in construction dates. We are flexible, so just let us know.
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