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One of the most common questions we encounter in the moving industry is how we protect your items, including your old home and new home.

We’ve compiled a list as best we can that will hopefully answer any of the questions you might have!

  1. We assess the area that you live in, and if we are unable to safely maneuver a large moving truck into the area we will opt for one of our smaller trucks. We want to ensure that none of your outside property is damaged by one of our vehicles, and are willing to work with you in order to prevent that from happening.
  2. When we arrive in your home on move day, we lay down floor runners and pads to protect your carpets or hardwood floor. Our movers will also avoiding wearing their shoes in your home to prevent any dirt, mud or snow from being tracked through.
  3. Our equipment is protected and maneuvered carefully in order to prevent damage to your walls as we move through your home.  Beyond that, we make sure to have the right kind of equipment for your home and will avoid using bulky items to move smaller pieces that could be carried out.
  4. We will wrap all of your furniture before it goes on the truck. The last thing we want to see is pieces of furniture rubbing together causing cracks or scrapes on the surfaces. So our movers come prepared with moving blankets and pads to protect the finish on your items.
  5. Once your furniture is on our truck and ready to move, we will securely strap in down to prevent it from moving around as the truck is driving.
  6. If you choose to have our crews pack your shipment, we are committed to using the proper packing materials and carefully wrap pieces individually and place them securely in cartons.
  7. We also come equipped with multiple sizes of cartons and stronger cartons to pack your dishes and other breakable items.
  8. If you have a large piece or an especially fragile piece, Stallion also offers crating. This will give you that extra sense of security that your beloved items are safe and secure until you reach your final destination.

Hopefully this eases some of your tension and gives you the peace of mind you need throughout the whole moving process.

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