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If your big move did not involve purchasing a house that is all your own and everything you could ever dream of you will likely be moving into a rental property. This means it could be a little bit difficult to make the new place feel like home. But we’ve got a few ideas that could help make your new place a home.

Try to unpack your boxes quickly and get rid of them, that way you won’t have them as a reminder around your apartment – plus they are just an eyesore!

Fill your home with art, maybe you have some that you’ve been toting around for a couple of years now that you are really into. Maybe you need to head out and purchase something new? Or maybe search up some cool DIY projects on Pinterest and make your own art!

Fill your home with the sounds and smells that make you feel “at home”, if you are spending the day unpacking or organizing your new home find a great playlist, or put on your favorite album and dance through the day! If you are not one for music, or would like to add some extra comfort to your day, pick up some candles and fill your home with your favorite senses! Remember that we have 5 different senses to cater to, and all of these will contribute to a feeling of comfort and homieness!

Set up your bathroom and kitchen. You may not have all the necessary items to make these rooms perfect, but you likely brought a lot of these items from your last home. So bring out all of your hygiene products and organize the cabinets in your kitchen. Make things accessible to you, so that you are not searching through boxes if you want to wash your hair, or to look for forks so you can eat dinner.

Weather permitting, open up some windows in your home and get fresh air flowing through. This will also help keep you energized and motivated to get some work done.

Unpack your memories. If you have moved across the country, or to a new city you need pieces that remind you of where you came from and things that bring up new memories.

Host a dinner with some friends. This one you may have to wait a little while to do, until you have your furniture placed and some groceries in your new fridge. But we suggest having some friends over so you can fill the home with laughter, conversation and begin to build new memories in a new space.

Finally, relax! After you spend a long day unpacking and organizing and trying to make your new home more comfortable, find a space to relax and read a book or watch some TV. Enjoy your new home instead of being stressed about the long To Do list you feel like you have to get through.

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