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With the summer months upon us, we are sure you’ll be spending as much time as possible outside on your patio. Make sure your space is as cozy and as inviting as possible with these decorating tips.

1. Choose weather friendly faux finishes – ran is inevitable so you want to make sure all the furniture you have stands up to the elements. Instead of choosing items that could easily be damages by moisture choose wicker, or metal furniture that has been treated to look like wood.

2. If you have brick on your home that is beginning to look old and worn – cover it up with some paint to give it a new and contemporary look.

3.  Add a couple of area rugs to your space to make it that much more cozy. If your budget doesn’t allow for one large rug, try putting in a couple smaller and more affordable rugs.

4. Add privacy and shade with some sun blocking curtains. These are great to block out the sun if it gets too hot, or to give you some extra privacy if you have neighbours close by.

5. Create a focal point – you can easily do this with a piece of art especially if you have a large blank wall on your fence or patio wall!

6. Use old furniture to repurpose into an outside bar, or potting station. It can be as easy as a coat of weather proof paint!

7. Add some soft lighting – after dark you might need that little bit extra lighting just to keep the space useable and sometimes candle light is not a reasonable way to go. Try opting for some battery operated candles or some hanging lights with a dimmer switch. This will give you the safety and convenience you might need if there are kids running around.

Of course the possibilities to decorate your patio are endless, and depending on your budget you may have to opt for just a few new things this summer. No matter what you choose – it’ll help make your space more enjoyable and comfortable to be in

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