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We understand that having an agency pack your items can be out of your moving budget, so in order to make packing happen smoothly we have a couple of tips for you!

  1. Have a plan before you start packing: even if it isn’t a solid plan that you have written down somewhere. Even though it could feel as though you are accomplishing so much, you can easily lose track of what you have pack and what you haven’t. Then when it comes time to unpack everything it can end up being much more a headache than you intended.
  2. Don’t leave any packing jobs for move day: the more you put off packing certain items the closer you get to move day and the closer you get to move day the more stressed out you can become. Have everything prepared and ready to go before the movers show up.
  3. Sort your items: thought it might seem like it is a little bit of a waste of time, in the long run it will help you immensely. Pack like items with like items. This will give you a final opportunity to get rid of any items that you don’t need. Save on time during the unpack, and ultimately you’ll save on your budget!
  4. Purchase quality packing supplies: even if you are not able to hire packers make sure to stock up on good cartons, tape and paper. This will aide in keeping all of your items safe. If you come across second hand boxes, make sure they are in good repair the last thing you want is boxes that start falling apart as soon as you finished packing them!
  5. Have a clearly marked carton for essentials: make sure you have a dedicated boxes (or boxes) that you will be able to put some items you know you will need right away in your new home. That way you don’t need to rush yourself with the unpacking of some boxes, and you wont need to root through every single one to find what you need!
  6. Don’t leave empty spaces in moving boxes: it may seem like a good idea, but empty spaces typically allow for shifting and shifting of items inside boxes leads to damage! Pack those boxes tight and well, and don’t be afraid to use a little extra packing material.
  7. Avoid packing things you know you shouldn’t: flammable, explosive, or corrosive materials – you don’t want to put your movers (or yourself!) in danger! Avoid packing perishable items, unless you plan on taking them to your new house yourself on move day – same with your pets! And finally, your plants. They are typically to fragile to pack and move with the rest of your goods, we suggest moving them separately – or giving them to a friend to hang on to while you move!

We believe that with these few steps, you will successfully pack your home yourself! Remember, if you want to leave it up to us we are more than happy to help!  

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