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Since we don’t always have access to a building pumped full of cool air from an air conditioner, we have got some great ways to try and beat the heat this summer.

1. Drink lots of water – staying hydrated allowed your body to maintain a cooler temperature and its even more effective than applying cool things to exterior of your body.

2. Mix up your frozen treats – try to avoid anything filled with sugar as it will do the opposite of what you hope to accomplish. Make your own popsicles or protein filled smoothies – keep up with variety because we know how dull plain water can get.

3. Build a fan fort – fans don’t necessarily cool down the air in your home, but when the air is moving around in different directions it helps the sweat on your body evaporate which will make you feel a lot cooler than you already are.

4. Create a DIY air conditioner – there are lots of how to’s online, it just take a quick Google search.

5. Use your fridge and freezer for good – we don’t mean stand in front of an open door to cool down, but instead keep it stocked with cool cloths, or the sheets for your bed.

6.  Keep the sun out of your rooms or home – invest in some heat blocking curtains that you are able to close when the sun is at it’s highest and it is the most warm outside, and once the peak hours have passed you can open the curtains again to let some of the hot air out of your home.

7. Get a cooling pillow – they range in prices so you are able to find one that will fit your budget easily. If you can’t afford a cooling pillow, look into getting very light linens for your bed in the summer time – avoid anything with fleece, down or other heavy materials.

8. Learn the cooling spots on your body – instead of just laying a cool compress over your forehead, aim for the back of your neck or your wrists. This will cool your system down much faster and you will be able to benefit from the effects of a damp towel or ice pack much quicker.

9. Stay damp – close all the blinds in your home and make sure the fans are all going and then instead of drying off in the bathroom, stay damp and near the cooler areas of your home to enjoy the effects of evaporating water off your body!

Hopefully this helps to get you through the hottest of the summer months!

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