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Daylight savings time is set to happen over the weekend (specifically in the wee times of the morning on Sunday) in order to provide the smallest amount of disruption possible to most people’s work week. In the hopes of making the Monday morning transition as easy as possible set your clocks ahead on Friday or Saturday and eat meals, sleep and wake up according to the new time. This will give your body a couple of extra days to get used to the change.

If you are able to, we suggest doing some extra exercise over the weekend. Exercise releases serotonin which is a chemical that aides in your body’s ability to adjust to the new times. Going for a brisk walk outside earlier in the day is the perfect way to release the extra hormones and a great way to start your day!

Try to avoid napping, but if you do feel as though the urge is strong try to do it early on in the day, and only nap for a short amount of time. We’ve heard about 20 minutes is the best amount of time to get your energy back up!

Avoid the consumption of alcohol, it interferes with your regular sleeping cycles. During the time your bodying is adjust we think it might be a good idea to avoid a nightcap!

Make sure to leave enough time between dinner and going to bed to digest your food. With the time change you may find that you are feeling hungry at different times of the day, but avoid having too many snack through the day and then eating a large meal just before bedtime as that heaviness will interfere with your sleep quality!

The hardest part of Daylight Savings time (in our opinion) is getting your circadian rhythm to readjust so you are able to fall asleep and wake up on the new schedule. Apparently with the right combination of light at dark you can help your body adjust even faster! In the morning, open the shades and use bright lights. Spend time outside in the natural sunlight if possible, and in the evening dim the lights so your body begins to understand that is time to wind down and head to bed!

We really hope that these suggestions can help your body adjust quickly!

Let us know how you handle daylight savings time every year!

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