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Technology has become such a significant part in our lives that there is no doubt any move each of us is involved in these days will also include a large number of electronics.

It is important to keep in mind that while everything you move is at risk for damages, electronics are one of the highest risk items. So leading up to the day of your move, we suggest you follow the following easy steps in order to best protect yourself from damages.

1. Back up all of your files – this can be on multiple memory sticks, an external hard drive, or even uploading them onto an online platform such as Google Drive or Dropbox will give you some piece of mind that you have access to a copy if something is to happen to your computer or laptop. 

2. If your electronic system has a lot of cords and cables involved, we suggest you take a picture of the wires and connections before you begin unhooking and packing it all away. You can easily reference this picture when you are at the point of setting everything up again at your destination. 

3. Remove all batteries, ink cartridges, discs, CD’s, or other accessories before you pack or move your items. This will prevent any damages that could be caused by battery exploding or ink leaking which is not typically covered by your chosen moving company. 

4. If available, always use the manufacturer provided boxes and padding. They are specifically designed to withstand outside pressure and jostling for that specific electronic item.

5. If you do not have the manufacturer provided boxes try to acquire the proper moving cartons for these items. You will need thick cardboard boxes, and paper, microfoam and extra tape. Also make sure to have extra blankets or other soft materials that you can use to fill the space in the boxes so the electronics do not move around during transit.

Once you have followed these steps, make sure to mark the boxes as fragile and with the proper side up but we strongly suggest you do not indicate that the boxes are full of electronics as it could put you at a higher risk for having these items stolen or misplaced.

And on further tip, especially if you are hiring a company to help you with your move make sure either the packing crew or the loading crew tests your electronics prior to leaving your home and then once they arrive at the new home and are unpacked to ensure they are in the same working order prior to the move.

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