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If you’re planning to move in the next few months, or have already booked a move with a moving company it is a good idea to go through the contents of your garage prior to move day. The garage is one of the easiest places in your home to put things in and forget where they are, and it can become incredibly overwhelming to think about needing to pack everything up and prepare to relocate. We’ve got a couple of tips to help you wrap your head around organizing a garage.

#1 – Our biggest suggestion is that you start early, as we mentioned before it can become overwhelming pretty quickly! So give yourself as much time as possible to get through everything.

#2 – Create a calendar and try to stick to the schedule you have made. This way you can spread out the workload over a couple of weeks.

#3 – Before you start the process of packing, you should also go through all of your items and get rid of things you no longer use and don’t need anymore. This will keep the amount of clutter you have to move down, and you wont be adding unnecessary costs to your move. Any of the items that are still in good working use can be donated to local charities, and if the items are no longer viable they will need to be disposed of responsibly. You should also dispose of any flammable materials, as a moving company will not be able to move those things for you, and drain any fuel from lawn mowers, snow blowers or weed wackers as they will also need to be empty in order for a moving company to relocate them.

#4 – once the organizing and disposing it completed you will need to inquire with a moving company about getting proper boxes to pack all of the items. Make sure that when you are packing the boxes they are being properly labeled so you know exactly what each box contains – which will in turn make unpacking much smoother.  Also focus on the especially sharp objects, or things that are a weird shape as they will likely need some extra cate and attention to prepare for moving.

Any other questions or concerns you might have, address directly with your moving company as they will have all the information you could need to successfully move not only your garage but your entire household.

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