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Living in either the city or rural areas each have their own benefits, but when you go from one to the other there is definitely some things that you have to keep in mind – even just to make the transition easier for you.

Prepare yourself and your family to make some lifestyle changes, especially when it comes to your leisure activities. You will no longer be close to the same amenities as you were before so heading out to a movie, to the mall, or out to the a restaurant is not as easy as it once was. Instead of relying on the potential nightlife in the city, take a look and see what sorts of activities are available in your community. You can also take up new hobbies like garden, horseback riding, or quading!

The individuals that live in the same area as your new home could also be a lot more tight knit – smaller towns in general tend to be a lot more close than those who reside in the city. If you are more of a private person you may have to find a way to communicate this to your new neighbours without offending them. But, if your neighbours seem friendly and make an effort to get to know you, you too should make an effort to engage them in conversation.

You’ll likely need to use your vehicle a lot more. Since you won’t be close to the amenities as the city provides you will have to be ready to rely on your own transportation to get you where you need to go.

Invest in outdoor lighting for your home. No longer will you have street lights to illuminate your property, so if your new home does not already have security lighting, it might be a good idea to install some.

Finally, moving to your new rural home could be a bit more difficult than staying in the city so consider hiring a professional moving company to assist you. Call AMJ today and we provide you with a free quote for you move!

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