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Should you pack your own home, or should you let the moving company tackle that for you? 

Stallion Moving & Storage is available and willing to help you pack your entire home, or just certain rooms – basically whatever you need! We can customize a packing quote for you, just let us know.

But if you do decide you want to pack your home yourself here is a couple of questions we typically get and a few tips to keep in mind.

Can I leave my dresser drawers full?

                Ideally no, if you leave drawers full it can warp the furniture during transit, it could damage the items inside your drawers and it could make the piece of furniture a lot heavier than one of the moving crew members expect, which in turn could cause injury to someone.

If I packed the boxes myself, will the moving company still move them?

                Yes, as long as they do not contain any of the prohibited items, do not appear to be unsafely packed, and are clearly labelled with their contents the crews will load those onto the truck.

What if the items inside of the box are damaged when I unpack them?

                If you opt to pack your items yourself, the crew members will not be held liable for the condition of the items inside the boxes unless there is clear crew negligence taking place.

Do I have to pack my waterbed?

                Yes, please drain it completely before packing. You may have to look into having it professionally vacuumed out prior to your move date.

Can I take my plants?

                Moving companies will not take your living plants, if you want to keep them you will need to transport them in your personal vehicle.

Is it safe to pack jewelry and antique items?

                You can pack these items with the rest of your shipment, but we highly recommend you tell your sales person prior to the pack day and be prepared to fill out a high value inventory form and take out extra coverage. If they are especially valuable or delicate, we do suggest the safest and best way to transfer them to your new home is in your personal vehicle.

How do I move appliances?

                Disconnect all of your appliances before the moving crews arrive, and place a stabilizer in your washing machine.

Is there anything I need to do to be prepared for moving day?

                Your sales person will likely ask you for a couple of days that you are available on, and will let you know 24 hours prior to the day chosen that the moving crew will be at your home. Make sure everything is packed and ready to be loaded. If you have particular items that will not be going onto the moving truck have them moved out of your house prior to the crews showing up, or have them clearly labelled and placed in a space of your home that will not be disrupted.
Try to have all the pathways into your house cleared of snow or ice if you’re move is happening during the winter, and keep doorways and stairwells cleared of shoes and other debris.

How will I know when my items will be delivered to my new home?

                You can contact our dispatch department at any point to find out the location of your shipment, and you will also be given a spread of days that your shipment is expected to be delivered and 24 hours prior to delivery our dispatch department will contact you with a time frame for the date of delivery.

Hopefully this helped answer whatever questions you may have while packing up before your move, if you are still curious about anything feel free to contact our sales team at 780-451-9500 or fill out an estimate here!

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