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We encounter plenty of people being in the moving industry, but there seems to be a short list of questions we get asked by almost every new customer we meet with. And in order to better help you decide if Stallion Moving & Storage is the company you would like to move with, we have answered these questions below.

When is the best time to move?

                Most moving companies see their largest volume throughout the summer months (between May – September), this is typically the same with Stallion. If you are planning to move during these months we request that you are flexible with your moving dates and understand that your delivery time spread could be a little bit longer due to the large number of people that are moving during this time. If you are looking for more specific moving times, or are in a little bit more of a rush we suggest moving during the off season, this will give us the opportunity to work within your delivery dates a little easier.

How do I know I am selecting the best moving company?

                We suggest asking your friends and family for references, if you don’t happen to know anyone who has recently moved check on your local BBB website or the Canadian Association of Movers – they will list the highest rated moving companies within your area. Once you have chosen a few moving companies to contact ask them to provide you with a moving estimate and compare it between a few different companies.

How far in advance do you need to know about my move?

                Typically we would request that you contact us approximately 8 weeks prior to your move, if that is not possible we just ask that you give us as much notice as possible. We typically book up a few weeks in advance, and we also need time to ensure we can schedule the moving and packing crews for the days you are planning to have work done. Keep in mind that if you are going to move outside of our summer busy season the time needed to schedule and prepare for your move could be less.

Why is it suggested that an in home written estimate is completed?

                When one of our moving consultants come to do an estimate in your home, they are taking a look at all of the physical items you plan on bringing with you and approximating the total weight that your shipment will be. They will then be able to add in any additional costs such as packing, unpacking, crating, or other incidentals that could come up. All of this will be compiled together to give you the most accurate idea of what your move will cost you prior to committing and paying a deposit.

Why do I have to pay a deposit for my move?

                We request the deposit upon booking your move so that we are able to secure your preferred date and block it off in our calendar to ensure no one else is booking a move on the same day with the same crew. This gives you the guarantee that your shipment will be picked up from your home.

How do I pay for my move?

                Each company has different restrictions on which type of payments they accept, but we typically request all moves are paid for with a major credit card, cash or a certified cheque. Any of sales consultations can assist you with your payment method, but we will require that all charges be paid for prior to unloading of your items at the destination address.

What if I can’t move into my new home right away?

                In the event that you need storage, Stallion Moving & Storage has a bonded, climate control warehouse in the same building as our main office. Rates are dependent on the weight of your shipment and the length of time the items will be in storage. If you have an idea of how long your items will need to be stored let our sales person know and they will be happy to estimate a cost for you.

What if my items get damages during the move?

                In the event that damages do occur, Stallion Moving & Storage will walk you through the claims process. The amount of you will receive for your claim is dependent on the coverage you purchase prior to your move. To find out exactly what your premium could be your moving consultation will help you estimate the value of your items and provide you the cost of valuation in your estimate. For any moves that occur within Edmonton, you will be put in touch with a claim adjuster at the Stallion office, if you happen to move out of the country or into a different province you will be put in touch with a claim adjuster at Atlas Van Lines.

We understanding that moving can be stressful, and if you have never employed a moving company to assist you – the amount of information you are given can be overwhelming. All of our sales people are well versed in the moving process and have been in the business for years and will be able to answer any of the questions that come their way.

If you still have questions about the packing of your items or how to be ready on the day of your move click the link here.

And if you feel that Stallion Moving & Storage is the company for you, please give us a call and request your free estimate today!

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