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Even if you have hired a great company to help make your best move there are still some thing we suggest you to do to prepare for these individuals coming into your house. In order to keep the cost of your move day as low as possible you want to make sure you have organized and cleaned out your home so it is not full of unwanted items.

  1. Purge your home of the things you no longer use or find useful since there is no sense in having your packers pack and then move everything that will likely never be used again. A number of experts agree that if you have no used an item in about a year the likelihood of you using it again is very low. Decide on the spot what you would like to do with the items – sell them, give away to family members, donate to charity, or recycle?
  2. Dispose to put away anything that the packers will not or cannot pack. Many moving companies will not pack any hazardous items (such as corrosive, explosive, chemicals, liquids or ammunition), perishables or plants. This is as much for your safety as it is for the van lines. We suggest you arrange beforehand how you will transport the sensitive items to your new home.
  3. Take an inventory of your items – as best you can. If you not the condition of your items before the packers and movers come into your home you will be able to cross reference it once you reach your new home. It also comes in handy if you feel that you need to file a claim with your Van Line should some damages occur during your move, or if you are missing some of your items.
  4. Keep an area specifically for items that are not to be packed. Whether it is an entire room of your home, or just a corner or a table top make sure you have it clearly marked that the items within this space are not to be packed. Typically people keep essential everyday items in this area.
  5. Prepare a survival pack for the few days that you might not have access to all of your items. This would likely include whatever it is you have put into the NO PACK zone of your home.
  6. Prepare appliances to be packed – this would involve emptying water from coffee machines, or cleaning out kitchen appliances or unplugging anything electrical and placing them in their boxes that were purchased in (if possible).

These are some of the basic things you are able to do to best prepare for your upcoming move.

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