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Keeping Yourself Safe During Moving Day
15 May 2017

Keeping Yourself Safe During Moving Day

If you choose to do your move yourself, or partially yourself there are definitely some safety risks that you need to keep in mind. If you disregard these tips it could lead to serious injury during your move.

Your largest pieces of furniture are most likely to give you the most trouble on moving day, and they are typically the most heavy, so we suggest breaking them down into smaller pieces if necessary.  While we strongly believe that hiring a professional moving company is the best course of action – we understand that is not in everyone’s budget. In those cases we stress that disassembling furniture is one of the most important things you can do to protect your safety as well as protect your furniture.

Now that your furniture has been disassembled as far as it can go, there are still some safety rules that should be kept in mind. Luckily they are all pretty common sense and if you follow these few easy steps you can expect moving to go much smoother than you had assumed.

Make sure to move slowly and carefully out to the exit, try to identify which areas might cause you a bit of grief or can be hazardous while you move through. That being said, make sure any packed boxes or small objects are out of your pathway – when you’re carrying a large object there is very little likely hood that you will be able to see those small items.

Don’t try to be a one man team, if the item is heavy (or even just awkward) ask someone to give you a hand. They will be able to bear some of the weight with you and help guide the awkward item through tight hallways and door frames.

Use proper lifting techniques – every time you pick up any item. This is not intended for the heavy items, during moving day you want to make sure you maintain stamina because there will be a lot of bending down and picking up items which can get tiresome after awhile! If possible push the heavier items (using floor runners, or a furniture dolly), and if you have to turn while holding on to something heavy use your legs as opposed to your hips. Keep furniture, boxes, or any other item as close to you as possible while they are being carried, and finally keep your eyes focused and make sure your footing is constantly steady!

We hope that no matter who comes to help you move (professionals or not) that everyone stays safe throughout the entire moving process!


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