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Hidden costs can catch you off guard and make the price of your move skyrocket, you want to do your best to make sure that your being upfront as much as possible with the moving company you have hired as well as making sure you are reading all of the information you receive from your chosen company thoroughly. Here are a few more tips to make sure you are not being surprised with extra moving costs on the day of your move.

  1. Tell you mover as much information as you can before agreeing to the price of the move. Start with an accurate and detailed inventory of your items, including the number of boxes you will need. Let them know if they will have to use any stairs during the move, or if there is an elevator they can access and if that elevator is large enough to handle all your furniture. Will the movers need to disassemble any of the furniture, or pack it in a special way? Do any of your items require special handling or is particularly fragile? Have you got enough packing material, do you need help packing? If you are planning to do your own packing do a little bit of research to find the most cost effective way to purchase packing materials. Be clear with what you would like to be included in the move, and if you don’t want cost added to your move on the day of do not ask for extra tasks to be completed.
  2. Try to arrange for parking beforehand, there is a chance that the moving truck may not be able to fit on the street in front of your house or in the parking lot of an apartment building. If possible, try to secure a parking permit beforehand to avoid any long carry fees or time delays if parking does become an issue.
  3. Empty most of the drawers, cabinets, and shelves! Most movers will not transport dressers if they are full – and this is for your own good! The heavier the item is the more likely they are to get damaged. Also, if the movers arrive to find out there still needs to be some items packed you will get charged for the extra time as well as more packing materials.
  4. Try to avoid making extra stops along the way, if you need something from a friend’s house or parent’s house or from your storage facility try getting that done before the movers show up. If you add extra stops or deliveries along the way the costs will add up very quickly.
  5. Don’t add items to your inventory last minute. Your price is typically based on the inventory provided, so if you add more things to your move the price will inevitably go up. If you do happen to have small leftover items transport them yourself.
  6. Make sure your movers have clear directions to get to the new home, though most of them have GPS systems it is still a good idea to give them clear directions on navigating the area you live in and the area that you are moving too. Additional time spent trying to find your home can cause additional fees.
  7. If you are moving into or out of an apartment complex, make sure you are away of any possible restrictions there might be for the area. There could likely be times of the day or areas of the parking lot that are off limits for moving. You could be required to book the elevator as well. Keep all of these things in mind to avoid adding extra time and hassle to your move which will eventually add up to more costs.

Hopefully this helps! Moving can definitely be stressful and we definitely understand that cost can be a huge part of the stress, but if you are clear and concise with the moving company and the crews you should not run into any issues on move day!

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