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The Ultimate Grocery List!


After you spent all that time getting rid of items you no longer need, packing up everything you own, and relocating to another home… you are finally there!

After spending so many days living out of boxes, you finally realize that it might be time to do some shopping and get your pantry all stocked up again – and hopefully you can stop living off take out!

Remembering all the basics for each room can be a huge chore, and the likelihood is, you might forget a couple things that are necessary! In the hopes of easing your transition (and keeping you from spending hours and hours at the store), we have compiled a list of all the essentials you may need when stocking up your new home!

Cleaning Supplies & Paper Products
– Toilet Paper
– Tissues
– Paper Towels
– Garbage Bags
– Freezer Bags
– Laundry Soap
– Dishwasher or Dish Soap
– Window Cleaner
– All-Purpose Cleaner
– Floor Cleaner (wood specific cleaner, if you have hardwood)
– Furniture Polish
– Plastic Wrap
– Cleaning Sponges
– Light Bulbs

Pantry Staples
– Your preferred broth
– Canned Tomatoes
– Pasta Sauce
– Dried Pasta
– Rice
– Oats
– Tea & Coffee
– Dried or Canned Beans & Lentils
– Snacks: pretzels, chips, granola bars, cereal etc.
– Olive Oil, or Sesame Oil, or Coconut Oil etc.

– Salt & Pepper
– Parsley
– Basil
– Paprika
– Oregano
– Dill
– Ginger
– Garlic Powder
– Chili Powder

– Flour
– Sugar
– Baking Soda
– Shortening
– Oil
– Breadcrumbs
– Yeast
– Cocoa

Condiments & Sauce
– Salad Dressing
– Ketchup
– Mustard
– Relish
– Maple Syrup
– Soy Sauce
– Mayonaise
– Peanut Butter
– Jelly
– Honey
– BBQ Sauce
– Vinegar

Fresh Fruit & Veggies
– Apples
– Oranges
– Bananas
– Lemons
– Avocados
– Lettuce
– Spinach
– Carrots
– Broccoli
– Potatoes
– Squash
– Mushrooms
– Grapes
– Tomatoes
– Celery

– Vegetables
– Berries
– Breakfast Foods
– Ice Cream
– Pizza
– French Fries
– Veggie Burgers

Baked Goods
– Bread
– Bagels
– Tortilla Shells
– Pita Pockets
– Sweet Breads

– Chicken
– Shrimp
– Fish
– Ground Beef or Turkey
– Breakfast Sausage
– Lunch Meat


We realize that this list is pretty long, and can seem somewhat overwhelming, but we suggest maybe printing it off and going through all the food you do still have a cross things off if you don’t need them at this time!

Also, make sure you sit down and decide what your budget it beforehand so you don’t spend too much, it is also very easy to use this list as a base and customize as your diets and specific needs warrant!

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