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Moving with a pet usually means you have to do a little more research when looking for a new place to move, there are a couple of things we suggest you keep in mind and do before you settle on your new home! For all you know the area you are moving into mandates that all pets much weigh less than 50 lbs or the apartment building you are moving too only allows cats!

Schedule a trip to the vet prior to moving:
Make sure your pet is up to date with all their vaccinations, medications and you have a copy of their medical records. Once you’ve settled into your new home ask around to find out which of the vets in the area are good and accepting new patients – then try to schedule an appointment before you run into an emergency.

Make sure you contact information is kept up to date:
If your pet had a microchip or wears a collar, make sure your current information matches their tags.

Make arrangements for your pet to stay with a friend or at a kennel:
With all the extra people coming in and out of your house, the loud noises and the general level of stress it might be a good idea to have your pet stay somewhere that it might be a little less hectic. Your pet will stay much happier, and you won’t have to worry about where they are all day.

Check the transportation rules for your pets:
If you are travelling to your new home by car it might be a little easier, but if you are planning to hop a plane made sure they accommodate pets. Also keep in mind that if your pet it travelling by plane, try to have someone be at baggage claim before they start to unload – that way if you get caught up anywhere your pet won’t be sitting there waiting for you to arrive. Travelling by car is not without its risks though, make sure any of the hotels you’re planning to stay in accept pets.

Treat your pet:
Moving is stressful for everyone! Find a dog park near to your new home and let your dog run around… or pick up a new toys and some treats!

Create a home with your pet in mind:
Once you have moved all your items into your new home and plan on bring your pet in, make sure to have all of their items set up so they are comfortable and are able to get used to the new surroundings. Have their bed somewhere that can be easily found, their food out, litter box ready, and toys!

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