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You may not be planning to move, or maybe it has been on your mind the last little while. Either way we believe it is important to stay on top of the Real Estate trends in your area. 

Take a look at the link below, it has explained some of the market trends.

We’ve also summarized the article for you, if you’d like a quick briefing!

According to the census done, 2016 was a very stable year – prices were pretty consistent with small decreases during the year. 
In comparison to 2015 Condominiums decreased 0.53%, single family homes decreased 0.86% and duplexes showed the most decline compare to 2015 at 5.22%.

Less homes were sold in 2016 as compared to 2015 and the average days a home was on sale increased an average of 6 days.

Experts believe that although wintertime was slower in the real estate market, listings and sales will begin to increase as we move into the new year.

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