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Avenue Edmonton posted their annual ‘Best Of” list on their website in February, so we thought we’d give you the lowdown and our thoughts on their favorite restaurants in the city.

Whether you have lived here for years, just moving into the city, or coming here for a visit – these are the restaurants to try!

1st – Rge Rd
It’s located just off the iconic 124 Street area, and has plenty of options on their menu to entice just about anyone to give it a try! Their food is excellent, and you will be hard pressed to find something on their menu that doesn’t meet your standards. They offer interesting and fun options for locally sourced meat, and wonderfully crafted cocktails! Vegetarians beware though – this restaurant loves their meat!

2nd – Corso 32
Right on Jasper Ave, it’s right in the heart of the city and can prove to be a little bit tough to get into. So we suggest you make a reservation well in advance! Their menu rarely changes, but the dishes they have are extraordinary and consistently meet and exceed standards.

3rd – Hardware Grill
Another restaurant located in the heart of Edmonton – they focus on classic favorites and the amount of care that goes into each dish is noted right down to the sauces served on them. Even though there are a ton of restaurants in the city that have new and inventive dishes – this restaurant focuses on the classic and has been doing it incredibly well for years!

4th – Uccellino
This is a new restaurant, but their Italian style shareable dishes are worth the trip downtown.

5th – The Marc
It’s been around for plenty of years, and has made the idea of French cuisine attainable in Edmonton. You don’t have to go far to enjoy some incredible food made to perfection!

If you want to see their list, as well as plenty other restaurant awards we suggest you head on over to their website and see what they have to say about their top 5!

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