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Once you’ve moved to a different city – you have to begin the process of learning how to navigate around and for a lot of people this could include both driving and their public transportation options.

In order to give you the best shot at figuring out transportation quickly and effectively in your new city we suggest you do the following:

Visit your new City’s website – they will have lots of links on their page which will direct you to the types of transportation, timetables, cost and lots of other relevant information. They will ideally contain information about construction or road closures that could affect your commute through the city.

Download relevant apps onto your phone. Most major cities have apps for their news, transit system or even for traffic updates. Download all of these to your device so you have any information you could need at your fingertips.

Try walking to a number of places first before you hop on a bus or a train – this will give you a good idea of where some major landmarks in the city are. By doing this you will also have a chance to find some of the local hotspots, or even new restaurants and coffee shops to try!

If you are planning to primarily drive in your new city – try driving from one point to another at different times of day so you can have firsthand experience of the route you will be taking and what the traffic flow could be at different times of the day. That way, when you have a bit of a time crunch to get where you need to go you wont have to worry about figuring out a brand new route or running into unexpected traffic.

And finally, get to know your neighbours. They have likely been living in the city for awhile and could have some great insight for local hotspots or tips and tricks to get around.

Just remind yourself that it will all come in time, and soon enough you’ll be able to navigate no problem.

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