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When living in an apartment building it can be hard to fulfill your wishes to have a garden, or even to keep plants alive if you are in a portion of the building that does not get a lot of sunlight – so we’ve compiled a list of the best plants to keep in an apartment!

Peace lily – unlike some of the other lilies within the family this one is a lot harder to kill. It will only require water about once a week and survives quite well under dim and florescent lighting so they’ll work great in a bathroom or even if your office if you’d like to bring a bit of green there!

Cactus – they are some of the most non-fussy plants on the market and work great in any sort of non garden environment! During the warmer months they will require watering about once a week but in the winter months when the weather is a little bit cooler they require even less maintenance. The downfall for an apartment dweller though, is that they need a large amount of sunlight. So try keeping them close to a window or on a shelf that gets a lot of direct sunlight during the day.

Snake Plants – this is a succulent that can pretty much survive any environment, they have tough leaves that prefer medium or bright light and they will only need to be watered once in awhile!

Weeping Fig – These plants do need a fair amount of sunshine, so we suggest you keep them close to a window but try to give it a turn every couple of weeks to make sure it isn’t growing lopsided at all! This is another plant that only requires watering once a week as well!

Aloe Vera – the benefits of this plant are endless! With having a bit of Aloe on hand you will have immediate relief for sunburns, scrapes and plenty other health benefits! Keep it close to a window and water it only when the top two inches of soil have dried.

Paddle Plant – unique shape, but very non-fussy to deal with! It will withstand very warm temperatures and does like sunlight, but the longer it sits in the sun the more the leaves will turn a reddish color. Similar to the aloe you’ll need to let the top 2 inches of soil dry between waterings.

Bamboo – works great in the darker parts of your apartment, and adds a little bit of feng shui to your home. You grow bamboo strictly in water which will only need to be changed every two-four weeks.

Philodendron – it is one of the best interior plants because it tells you exactly what it wants! If it turns yellow – too much sun! Growing smaller leaves – needs more fertilizer and when it comes to watering wait until the top inch of soil is dry before watering it again!

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