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That time of year again has come – students are preparing to go back to school and some are even moving out of their hometown to spend their first year of university in a dorm room!

In order to make moving into a dorm room quick, easy and painless we have got a few tips and tricks to follow.

1. Make sure to go over all of the paperwork provided before the date you are set to move in – many schools have different procedures and rules for move in day and you’ll want to make sure you are following all of their restrictions.

2. Pack only the essentials – there is very limited space in a dorm room and because most universities supply all of the basic furniture there is no need to bring anything extra. You’ll need to focus on linens, towels, school supplies and personal items. Some students will even deem TV’s and other larger electronics necessary – so you’ll want to make sure you have the space for these items.

3. Use baskets or storage containers to transport smaller or awkwardly shaped items – then you will be able to use the storage containers to organize your dorm room.

4. Don’t wait until you have unpacked everything to organize – instead of just throwing items into random boxes and containers organize everything prior to loading up your car to deliver. This way when you arrive in your dorm room, most of the work is already done for you and you can just place everything where it is supposed to go.

5. Think about packing seasonally – depending on the location of your new school you may not need heavy winter clothing, and if you will consider having them shipped at a later date, or bring them back to school with you when you go home for a holiday break. Think logically about the clothing you do bring with you – it’s unlikely you will need a large number of dressy outfits, but if you are part of the Greek system or in a school with a dress code, pack your clothing based on the requirements.

6. Bring a small tool kit in case you need to do small repairs, or adjust the furniture that has been provided to you. Some basic tools like a hammer and screwdriver can also come in handy throughout the school year.

7. Even though the goal is to keep the amount of stuff you are bringing to a minimum – don’t forget some of the comforts and reminders of home. Things like pictures and bits of artwork are small and will provide that extra comfort you will need since you wont be living at home anymore. Also bring your favorite pillow and bed linens as a reminder of home – you’ll need those items anyway, so you may as well make them things you know you love.

8. For larger items – try purchasing them once you have arrived at school, or order them online and have them shipped to your dorm room. This will save some room in whatever vehicle you are using to transport your items.

9. Make sure to inspect the room before you move into it – just like moving into an apartment you will need to make sure you have noted down any small damages that exist or when the time comes that you move out of the dorm room you could get charged for things you did not cause.

All in all, just remember to take it one step at a time and try not to get overwhelmed with all of the other people trying to move in at the same time!

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