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Home renovations can be a huge undertaking, and the best way to ensure you are making the most of your time spend renovating and the money you have to spend is to choose trends and applications that will last you a couple of years. We have compiled some of the top trends from the last few years that have proven to stand the test of time and will ensure your home will look and function at its best!

Bring the outside inside – this has been a trend for awhile now and we don’t see it ending anytime soon. While you could take this idea literally and bring some live plants into your home, some individuals have also blended their outside living spaces with their inside ones. If you have a closed in patio you can tear down the walls to blend this space with the inside of your home and use room dividers or bi-fold doors to separate the space differently and more seamlessly than a wall does.

Stylish doors – we mentioned doors briefly in the previous paragraph, but the fact is that doors are becoming a focal point for a lot of people. A beautiful and unique door will dress up your home, and even add some curb appeal if you choose to switch out your front door. Doors these days are available in a wide array of colors, textures, styles and are designed to be incredibly energy efficient.

Outdoor Kitchens – people spend such a significant amount of time in the kitchen it would make sense to put a lot of effort into maintaining this space and making sure it is beautiful and functional! A lot of people are opting for an outdoor kitchen space – especially if the climate allows for this. You can add on to the typical BBQ station outdoors with a sink, or a pizza oven! The possibilities are endless!

Colour – it used to be that white was the trendy way to go, and lots of homeowners opted to fill their rooms with crisp white walls, but nowadays they are opting for bright bursts of color and dark stainless steel appliances. The possibilities are endless from colored tiles, to paint, to accent furniture and drapes. You can add bursts of color throughout your home!

Convenient clean up – people are now avoiding carpets and instead choosing natural flooring that is quick and easy to clean, you can even choose countertops made from natural materials that take no time at all to clean!

This is certainly not a full and complete lists of the current trends, but hopefully this will give you a couple of starting options and from there we urge you to make choices that reflect the personality of your family so you are able to feel comfortable in your home.

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