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Maximizing Accuracy in Moving Estimates with a Pre-Move Survey

Navigating a move, be it for your home or office, involves numerous details and planning. One of the most crucial aspects of this process is accurately estimating the moving costs. This is where a Pre-Move Survey comes into play, a service we highly recommend at Stallion Moving & Storage. Here’s how a Pre-Move Survey can ensure you get an accurate estimate for your move.

1. Understanding the Pre-Move Survey

A Pre-Move Survey is a virtual or in-person assessment where our moving experts get an in-depth look at your home or office space and the items you need to move. This may involve a video tour of your premises, during which you’ll showcase items requiring relocation. This survey is pivotal in determining if specialized equipment is needed for items like fragile artwork or large furniture.

2. Preparing for Your Survey

To make the most out of your Pre-Move Survey, a bit of preparation is key. Tag items you don’t plan to move and ensure that all areas, including storage spaces and attics, are accessible for review. This preparation helps in avoiding unnecessary costs and ensures that all items needing special handling are accounted for.

3. Essentials for the Video-Chat Survey

Ensure your device (laptop, tablet, or phone) is fully charged. Keep a tape measure close by for any on-the-spot measurements. Having sticky notes handy can also be useful for last-minute tagging of items.

Essentials for the Video Chat Survey Pre Move in Edmonton

4. Impact of Detailed Information on Estimates

The accuracy of our moving estimate heavily relies on the details gathered during the survey. Factors like move distance, home accessibility, volume of contents, packing requirements, and fragile items are all considered. This comprehensive understanding allows us to tailor the moving plan, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

5. The Importance of a Pre-Move Survey for Office Moves

For office moves, an in-person Pre-Move Survey is usually necessary due to the larger scope of the move. This allows us to accurately assess the volume of sensitive equipment, large furniture, and assembly/disassembly needs, ensuring your office relocation is executed seamlessly.

Key Questions We’ll Ask About Your Move

  • Parking availability for the moving van
  • Elevator access and booking requirements
  • Need for specialized packing materials
  • Disassembly/assembly and packing/unpacking services
  • Items that are not being moved
  • Short or long-term storage needs

A Pre-Move Survey is more than just an estimate tool; it’s an opportunity for you to discuss your specific needs and concerns with our moving experts. Ready to start your moving journey with Stallion Moving & Storage? Visit our website or call us for a comprehensive and accurate moving plan tailored to your needs.

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