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  • Make sure moving to another city is 100% what you want to do, and if it is the right thing to do at this stage of your life
  • Set a moving budget. Moving to another city might be necessary, but don’t let your savings take the hit.
  • Secure a new job in the new city, a place to live, and learn more about the new city your moving too – living costs, housing cost, and so on.
  • Create a moving calendar, and organize the time you have before moving. Prioritize important tasks and make sure to leave time for yourself so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Get estimates from multiple moving companies and compare their offers.
  • Research the moving companies in your area to make sure you choose a responsible and bonded moving company.
  • Ensure you understand the estimate, and the additional services noted on the paperwork.
  • Once you have decided on a moving company, decide if you are going with a packing service or if you plan on doing the packing yourself.
  • If you choose to do your packing yourself, research the best place to purchase packing supplies.
  • Reduce the number of items being moved as much as possible. Inventory your home, and sort out the possessions you no longer need.
  • Make sure you subscriptions to your old home are cancelled, and you have updated your information with your doctor, schools, utilities and so on.
  • Make sure you have dedicated enough time to your children and pets, if applicable.
  • Contact your moving company about a week prior to your move to make sure everything is going smoothly.

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