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Gardening can be a great way to spend time outdoors, burn some calories and make your space more inviting – and also benefit from the fresh produce you’ll be able to get your hands on! But for a beginner garden it can be a little bit overwhelming. We’ve got some suggestions you can put to work in the hopes that your gardening endeavours will seem a little less daunting.

  • Don’t worry about filling your entire backyard with a garden, or having to turn all of the soil or cut out large portions of grass. Instead, build a small container in the corner or under a window so you are able to keep an eye on it. This will also help prevent lots of weeds and you can ensure that the soil you use for the garden is fertile!
  • Make sure to have good soil and dependable drainage – if you have built your own container for gardening ensure there are holes in the bottom and take advantage of your compost pile to keep the soil full of nutrients.
  • Choose your location wisely – some plants need shade while others need lots of sunlight. Depending on where you have space in your garden you may have to avoid different kinds of plants! Keep an eye on the description on the seeds or do a quick Google search for which kinds of plants are good for the space you have available.
  • Keep an eye on the timing and the type of plants you are opting for – each type of seed has a different time that it needs to be planted in order to flower properly. Try planting everything in zones so you know which sections will need longer to flourish than others.
  • Some plants are just easier to grow than others – ask your local nursery which plants are more hardy than others are start by planting those until you have a handle on gardening.
  • Young plants need plenty of water to thrive, but make sure you don’t over water them as that will lead the roots and leaves to mold and rot. Most plants need about an inch of water per week, and keep an eye out for yellow leaves – which means you are over watering.
  • Trim and prune your plants on a regular basis – this will allow of increased air circulation and fewer leaves for you to spill water on.

If you are itching to start your gardening season, we hope these tips and tricks will give you the confidence you need to create a beautiful garden this year!

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