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Valuating your items

Whether you are moving locally, long distance or overseas, we are able to provide full replacement valuation coverage to insure your treasures are fully protected  against anything happening during the moving process.

There are four types of protection available for household moving:

Preparing your quote
  • Every carrier must provide this coverage by law at no extra cost.  This is very basic coverage that  pays out at $0.60 per lb. per item in the event of any kind of mishap.
Full Replacement Valuation ($250 Deductible)
  • This is available coverage during your local move.  This is a less expensive option that may provide you with an affordable option for “piece of mind”.
Full Replacement Valuation ($0 Deductible)
  • This is available coverage during your local or your long distance move.  We will explain the minimum amount of coverage that you will need and the cost for it.  This remains in place from the moment we being handing your belongings until they are safely delivered to your new home.  There are some exceptions that apply and we will explain these in complete detail.
Overseas Marine Coverage ($500 Deductible)
  • This coverage applies specifically to overseas moving.  We have all of the forms that are needed to identify what you will be moving and just exactly how much coverage will be adequate for what you are moving.  We will provide the assistance to complete these documents so that you can be assured that the documents are completed properly and the appropriate coverage as been secured prior to loading.
Home Owners Policy
  • You may want to check with the company who provides the coverage for your household belongings.  Tell them that you are relocating your household and ask if they have any provision for coverage during your move.  Ask them for a “list of exclusions” – this will tell you what you may NOT be covered for should they provide coverage during your move.

All areas of valuation will be discussed with you during our  initial discussions with you.  Any particular concerns about items of extraordinary value are noted and recorded.  This is an area where we ensure that there will be no surprises.

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