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March 2018
Commercial or Office Moving with Stallion

Commercial or Office Moving with Stallion

It is a common misconception within the moving industry that a lot of companies only handle household moving, but the reality is there are also a large number of offices that move around throughout the city and sometimes to another city all together.Stallion Moving & Storage has a team dedicated to doing those office moves – we have a special group of movers for office and commercial moving because as much as the overall idea is similar, the specialties and minor details can be differe...
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FAQ in the moving industry

FAQ in the moving industry

We encounter plenty of people being in the moving industry, but there seems to be a short list of questions we get asked by almost every new customer we meet with. And in order to better help you decide if Stallion Moving & Storage is the company you would like to move with, we have answered these questions below.When is the best time to move?                Most moving companies see their largest volume throughout th...
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Choosing the Right Moving Company

Choosing the Right Moving Company

Once you have finally made the jump and decided to move, we imagine that there is a million and one things going through your head. And the last thing you want to stress about is finding a moving company to help you, and even beyond that trying to find a moving company that is reliable!We've got a couple tips and tricks that we suggest you read through before you put a final deposit down on your move.We suggest that you start searching for a moving company early, the longer you leave it the ...
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February 2018

FAQ when packing your own home

Should you pack your own home, or should you let the moving company tackle that for you? Stallion Moving & Storage is available and willing to help you pack your entire home, or just certain rooms – basically whatever you need! We can customize a packing quote for you, just let us know.But if you do decide you want to pack your home yourself here is a couple of questions we typically get and a few tips to keep in mind.Can I leave my dresser drawers full?    &nb...
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What should you do before the professional packers and movers show up to your house?

Even if you have hired a great company to help make your best move there are still some thing we suggest you to do to prepare for these individuals coming into your house. In order to keep the cost of your move day as low as possible you want to make sure you have organized and cleaned out your home so it is not full of unwanted items. Purge your home of the things you no longer use or find useful since there is no sense in having your packers pack and then move everything that will likely never...
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Moving from a city to a rural neighborhood

Living in either the city or rural areas each have their own benefits, but when you go from one to the other there is definitely some things that you have to keep in mind – even just to make the transition easier for you.Prepare yourself and your family to make some lifestyle changes, especially when it comes to your leisure activities. You will no longer be close to the same amenities as you were before so heading out to a movie, to the mall, or out to the a restaurant is not as easy as i...
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August 2017

House warming gifts your friends could actually use!

You may not be planning to move in the near future, but we imagine you may know someone else who has just purchased a new home, or moved into a new to them home. So we’ve compiled some ideas for the perfect housewarming gifts that people will actually appreciate and need!A DIY Tool Box Jar!- you can fill this up with little tools the new homeowner may need, but hasn’t had the time to purchase yet! Our suggestions are: measuring tape, hammer, nails, picture hangers, small screw driver...
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What you may have forgotten when moving

Moving is certainly hectic, we understand that. Sometimes things can get forgotten. The following is a list of the top things people forget to do when planning for a move. Create a moving checklist – organize your time properly, time management is imperative when planning your move. Create a timeline for your move, making sure you don’t forget to have the important items at the top of the list! No matter how much time you feel like you have before you move, you don’t want to pu...
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Preparing to move your library

Preparing to move your library

Whether you have a huge library, or just a few bookshelves full of books it can be quite intimidating to begin the steps of packing. There is also an off-chance that very little importance is put on the packing and labelling of books, so it could get pushed to the last minute.Here’s a quick list that we hope you can use to help you get through packing up all your books!Optimize your collection:Books can’t be broken easily, so sometimes there isn’t much of a fuss to get your boo...
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July 2017

Midwest Property Management Guest Blog: Things to Consider Before Renting an Apartment

Whether you are searching for your first apartment or your fifteenth, you are going to want to prevent any unexpected surprises. Where do you start? What should you be looking for? How do you know it is going to be the right home for you? Finding a new home can be overwhelming if you are not properly prepared. Sometimes, you can overlook the important factors in making sure your new apartment is going to be the best for you. Below are a few tips to help assist you when searching for a new a...
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  • Moving Tips - Arriving in your new home.

    We know that the last thing you'd like to think about during the first couple of weeks in your new home is cleaning, so we suggest you give the messiest rooms in your home a good cleaning before you s...
  • Moving Tips - Labeling Your Boxes

    At Stallion we strive to do everything to make your move go as smoothly as possible, and if you choose to hire our outstanding packers we will take the time to carefully pack your boxes and beyond tha...
  • Moving Tips - Packing your Breakables

    Stallion is happy to pack all of your items for you, or just your breakables, or just certain rooms of your house - we will customize a move specifically to your needs - but if you choose to pack your...
  • Packing - Let us help you!

    Whether you move across the city, or across the country you have to pack your items. At Stallion Van Lines we know how time consuming that can be, and when you have already got the stress of moving lo...
  • Packing Tips - from the pros!

    We understand that having an agency pack your items can be out of your moving budget, so in order to make packing happen smoothly we have a couple of tips for you! Have a plan before you start packing...
  • After your move is done!

    Enjoy your new home! Moving into the new house, and the first day after your move can be a huge stress relief and you will have a chance to feel so much more calm and collected once everything is in ...
  • Know the Moving Jargon

    All companies have their own lingo when it comes to their company – and we get it! Sometimes the jargon can be a little bit confusing. So instead of just leaving you to figure it all out on your...
  • Saving Yourself from Daylight Savings Time!

    Saving Yourself from Daylight Savings Time!

    Daylight savings time is set to happen over the weekend (specifically in the wee times of the morning on Sunday) in order to provide the smallest amount of disruption possible to most people’s w...

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