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Winter Moving Tips

Did you know that doing a home relocation with professional movers during the winter months can be less expensive and you are more likely to obtain your preferred dates and times for loading and unloading? If you prefer to do the door-to-door moving yourself, here are some useful tips to help you out.

1. Safety

Safety should be a priority when moving during the winter. Keep your path and loading area clear of snow. A bag of salt can help melt ice and sand or kitty litter can provide traction in slippery areas. Also, make sure the parking area needed for your moving truck is clear.

2. Protect your floors

Salt, sand and snow can get tracked in and damage your carpet and hardwood.  Floor runners, plastic tarps or heavy cardboard should be used and secured with heavy-duty tape. These protective coverings will also help increase traction for your feet. Also, place a mat at the front door for your helpers to wipe their feet before entering your home.

3. Take care of your help

A good idea is to use a cool house – warm room strategy. This plan involves turning the thermostat to low and relying on physical labor and warm clothes while working. Choose a smaller room and place a heater inside with the door closed to let people warm up when needed.

4. Protect your items

The temperature inside an unheated moving truck can be extremely low and may put your sensitive and fragile possessions at risk while in transit. 
Cold weather isn’t good for electronics. Take things like laptops and tablets with you in the car when you are ready to leave. Then, when you arrive at your destination, give these items extra time to warm up before turning them on.

For long-distance moving or extreme cold, take care to add extra packing material to sensitive belongings such as fine china pieces, crystal and any lacquered items as they tend to crack when exposed to low temperatures. Protect your furniture and artwork from the elements as well. Moving blankets should be used to cover any antiques and wooden furniture while loading, transporting and unloading the moving van. Bubble wrap or microfoam should be used to protect any framed artwork to guard against damage and warping.

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5. Utilities

Hook up utilities at your new address. Make sure your heat, electricity and water are turned on. Whether you want to use a cool house – warm room strategy or not, you’ll want to warm up once the moving process is over. Having your electricity turned on is especially important with the shorter days of winter. 
Although moving yourself can be cost-effective, the strain it may put on relationships with friends and family may not be worth it. Seek assistance from reputable moving companies. Professional movers and packers can handle a wide variety of conditions and still get the job done cleanly and efficiently. To learn more, get in touch with us today. At Stallion Van Lines, we’re ready to help make your move easy—no matter what time of year.

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