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What You Should Know About Moving In The Snow

Embracing the challenge of a winter move can be a uniquely rewarding experience, especially in the snowy landscapes of the north. If you’re planning to relocate between December and February, prepare to navigate through a winter wonderland.

The advantage of a winter move with Stallion Moving and Storage Services is the availability of more moving dates. This season often sees fewer relocations, making it easier to choose a date that suits you best. High-rise dwellers will find it simpler to reserve elevator time during these months. Don’t let the chilly embrace of winter hold you back from orchestrating your move; instead, arm yourself with these essential tips for a seamless transition amidst the snow.

Adaptability is Key

Weather can be unpredictable, but your moving plans don’t have to be. When scheduling your move with us, we recommend having a secondary date in case of extreme weather. At Stallion, we prioritize keeping to your initial moving date. However, should a severe weather event make this unfeasible, we offer the flexibility to reschedule up to the day before your move.

Begin weather monitoring a week ahead of your scheduled move. In the event of an impending storm, consider rescheduling. This includes coordinating the delivery of any items you have in temporary storage, ensuring they arrive on your new moving day.

Morning Moves are Optimal

Morning Residential Moves are Optimal in Edmonton

Leverage the daylight by planning your move in the morning. Winter days are shorter, and colder temperatures post-sunset can complicate the moving process. This also helps in identifying and avoiding icy areas.

Preparation of Entryways

To facilitate a quick and safe move, clear and de-ice paths and entryways. Our team moves efficiently, and clear access at both your old and new homes is essential. This involves shoveling snow and applying salt or sand on walkways and stairs.

Floor Protection

Winter conditions can bring snow, salt, and sand indoors, risking damage to your flooring. Stallion movers are equipped with floor runners for winter moves, but having additional plastic tarps can be beneficial. A doormat for wiping feet can also minimize indoor mess.

Safeguarding Furniture and Art

We use moving blankets to shield furniture, especially antiques and wooden items, from the harsh winter elements. For framed art, bubble wrap is essential to prevent damage and warping. If you need packing supplies, we’ve got you covered.

Electronics Care

Cold weather can affect sensitive electronics. Keep items like laptops, tablets, and phones with you, allowing them to gradually warm up to room temperature before use.

Utility Management

Ensure utilities are active at your new home a day or two before moving. There’s no comfort in a cold house upon arrival! Conversely, turn off the heating at your old home on moving day to avoid unnecessary energy costs.

Warm Beverages: A Must-Have

Warm Beverages A Must Have When Moving Homes in the Winter

Offering hot drinks like chocolate, coffee, or tea at both locations keeps everyone warm and appreciative during the cold. There’s something special about enjoying a hot beverage while watching the snowfall from the comfort of your new home.

Once settled, take a moment to relish your new environment. Stallion Moving and Storage Services is here to make your winter move not just successful, but a memorable journey into your new chapter. Welcome home!

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