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If you have never done a move with a larger moving company before, it’s tough to know what sort of charges there will be and sometimes it can add up a lot quicker than you anticipated. While Stallion Moving and Storage will never hide any costs from you during your estimate, we also want you to be aware of some of the most common expenses you will encounter during your move. 

Boxes & Cartons – all packing material really. Even if you plan on doing the packing for your next move yourself, you will need to purchase or acquire supplies from somewhere. It’s not just standard boxes for kitchenware and clothing either, you’ll need to invest in some specialty boxes for your TV’s, mirrors, artwork and maybe even some of your furniture. Stallion also suggests you purchase some packing paper to protect some of your more fragile items while being packed. 

Moving Labour – we will breakdown the charges for you, and let you know what the cost per hour is for a moving crew to come into your home to pack and load. 

Truck Rental – Stallion will usually give you one cost for both the labour and truck, but if you are looking to do a move yourself you will need to factor in the cost of renting a truck big enough to get your items from one home to another. 

Storage – if for any reason you will not be able to move into your new home you will need to consider the cost of storage, we highly suggest keeping your items stored with the moving company you have chosen to work with so you can rest easy knowing they will be safe, secure and still covered by the liability insurance. If you have an idea of how long your goods will be in storage we can provide you an estimate based on a approximate weight of your items. 

Insurance – while you are not obligated to purchase insurance during your move, it is suggested that you do as such. If you choose to move with Stallion we can promise that our crews are all appropriately trained and treat your items with respect and care, but accidents have occurred in the past and you want to make sure you have covered yourself in the event that this does happen. A sales person will be able to explain the different options of coverage that we have, and the cost difference to you. 

Tip – again, it is not obligated that you give a gratuity to your moving crew – it is customary in some areas. This amount is entirely based on your preference, and we assure you that none of our crews are expecting this on the day of your move. 

Cleaning – it is unlikely that a moving crew will clean your home after the move is completed, and you could be short of time after the move out to complete the final clean. So it could be handy to take a look at how much a cleaning service could be for your new home. If you do choose to go the route of cleaning your home yourself, you will still have to factor in the cost of the cleaning supplies yourself. 

Restocking your Pantry – this can be a big expense, especially if you weren’t able to bring a lot of food from your previous home. You’ll need to make sure you have a lot of the essentials you relied on right away, especially if you have a family that needs to be fed. 

Hopefully this sheds some light on some of the items you may have forgotten, and remember that Stallion is willing to explain all of their costs upfront with you so there is no shock at the end when you receive your bill.

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