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You may not be planning to move in the near future, but we imagine you may know someone else who has just purchased a new home, or moved into a new to them home. So we’ve compiled some ideas for the perfect housewarming gifts that people will actually appreciate and need!

A DIY Tool Box Jar!
– you can fill this up with little tools the new homeowner may need, but hasn’t had the time to purchase yet! Our suggestions are: measuring tape, hammer, nails, picture hangers, small screw driver set, extension cords, level, or kitchen towels! The options to fill the jar are endless (since the size of jars available for purchase these days are pretty close to unlimited! Once the jar has been emptied they can also use that store laundry detergent, or dry pasta or anything else they could imagine!

A bottle opener
– who doesn’t love a great bottle opener, and it just so happens to be one of those items that people sometimes lose, or forget to purchase until they have a bottle of wine they just can’t get open!

Customized Christmas Ornament
– this one is especially perfect if your friends or loved ones have just moved into their home around the holiday season! Make their first Christmas in their new home extra special by creating a one of a kind ornament to hang on their tree.

Ipod Speaker that works in the shower!
– who doesn’t love some music while they are in the bathroom, or anywhere else in the house.

Set of Tupperware
– when moving, these things get lost or somehow you end up with an incomplete set or too many pieces that no longer have the matching lid! Help people settle into their new homes and have containers to pack their leftovers in!

New Candles
– who doesn’t love a set of candles to make their home smell amazing and make it even more cozy and welcoming! Candles come in all sorts of different scents and will fit into most budgets!

A Planning Pack
– complete with a notepad for making lists, and a magnetic calendar – this would be perfect for families or newlyweds alike to make sure they staying on top of everything and keeping organized!

Extra High-Quality EVOO
– everyone appreciates a practical gift, so why not pick up some high quality olive oils so the new home owners can start cooking their favorite meals in their new kitchens!

Hopefully this list has given you a great idea, or has inspired some new ideas for gifts! Obviously you know your friends best, and were certain you will be able to pick out the perfect gift for them!

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