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It is a common misconception within the moving industry that a lot of companies only handle household moving, but the reality is there are also a large number of offices that move around throughout the city and sometimes to another city all together.

Stallion Moving & Storage has a team dedicated to doing those office moves – we have a special group of movers for office and commercial moving because as much as the overall idea is similar, the specialties and minor details can be different. The key for office moves is preparation, so before we schedule your move or even begin the physical moving process we will have one of our team leads come to your business for a planning meeting, they will be able to discuss the details of your office move, discuss the potential need to bring in some individuals who are skilled in technical details as well as the need for reinstallation of work stations.

A lot of the time businesses forget about some of the smaller details because moving an office is not only moving all the paperwork, desks and tables. There are phone systems, computers, photocopiers and plenty of other items that are vital to a business running smoothly. We have crews that are seasoned in dealing with all of these details and are happy to assist you with all of that.

For any other questions you may have about your upcoming office move, give us a call and we will be more than happy to walk you through it!

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