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Moving to the United States is similar to moving within Canada, but the required documentation is very different:

Through the Atlas Van Lines moving system, we move more people to the United States than anyone else. We are extremely good at it, we know the requirements and our cross border fleet of van operators are well versed in moving your belongings to any destination in the US.

We pack and load all households with all of the necessary padding and fastening to insure that all of your belongings arrive at your new home unmarked and intact. Everything is individually tagged and inventoried and a full report is taken of the original condition of the furniture so it may be inspected when it arrives.

We spend much time scheduling the loading, departure and arrival times of your household, while keeping you fully informed.

The fine details we focus on for moving to the United States are

  • The volume and weight of the furniture that will move so that we provide an accurate estimate.
  • The volume of the furniture that will move so that the moving van loading your belongings will have the appropriate room to get everything on.
  • The identification of any pieces of furniture that may require special handling  (i.e. big screen TVs, pool tables, large glass dining room tables).
  • The ease of access for loading from your current home.
  • The identification of vehicles to move, appliances that may need to be prepared and serviced for moving.
  • A presentation and discussion of the appropriate documents and details required for moving into the United States.
  • All of the answers that you will need to be able to move your belongings efficiently while adhering to all of the current rules and regulations that are required by the United States Government.
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