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Stallion Storage Solutions

In addition to our traditional van service, Atlas can offer a domestic container service to and from a number ofCanadian cities. Instead of sharing van space on a trailer, you have exclusive use of your container(s). The only limitation is very over-sized or over-long items that cannot fit into a container and will be shipped separately.

Atlas containers provide a clean, safe, weather-proof environment for your possessions. You can even put your own padlock on the container. The containers are shipped on a flat-bed truck.

Containers are a particularly good option for customers who require short-term storage for approximately 30-60 days.

Our 20,000 square foot, indoor storage facility provides a dust-free and secure atmosphere.  All items are padded and packed in containers that have removable doors and then sealed.  Temperature is maintained at a controlled level so that there is no wear and tear or build-up of mold and mildew.

Sofas and other large upholstered pieces are stretch-wrapped and placed on racking in the warehouse.

A full inventory and condition report is done prior to storage.  We will take a detailed listing of all of your boxes, furniture, and outdoor items – every single item will receive a numbered tag eliminating the possibility of mix-up or loss.  You will receive a copy of this inventory when your belongings are loaded from your current home so that you will have this inventory for reference when your belongings are delivered to your new home.

Our van foreman will provide you with a “bingo sheet” just prior to delivery so that you are able to check off your belongings as they are delivered into your new home.  This will prevent the possibility of missing items, but in the unlikely event there is a missing item, we have a “paper trail” for the item in question.

A simple phone call can arrange for delivery once a new destination is provided.

Stallion Storage Solutions

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