How do you calculate costs?

Our cost estimates are based on a combination of shipment size, destination, special packing requirements, inclusions, speed of service, and method of transport. The fastest way to get a clear price estimate is to visit our Get A Free Quote page.

Can I ship food or alcohol?

Any consumables (teas, spices, protein powders, and even dog food) should not be shipped overseas. Additional scrutiny by customs agents can cause delays and expenses. If you have specific concerns, ask us for more information.

Can you move my vehicle overseas?

Yes. Motor vehicles require special planning when it comes time to organize and customs clear your shipment, but our team will happily guide you through the process. Please note that no personal items may be shipped inside the vehicle.

Do you offer insurance protection?

Yes. Despite our very best efforts to protect your belongings at every turn, there are inherent risks when shipping overseas. We’ll help you select the right transit protection coverage to further safeguard your belongings. Visit our Insuring Your Shipment section to learn more.

Are there any items I can’t ship?

Prohibited goods include propane tanks, paint, thinner, matches, aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, nail polish remover, fertilizer, many cleaning products, and any other corrosive, explosive, or flammable material. Visit our Restricted Items resource section for more information.

How long does an international move typically take?

We tailor unique schedules based on each client’s needs. The time required can vary depending on the final destination and the method of shipping (air, sea, or road). As an example, you can find estimated transit times from select cities on our Transit Time section.

How do you make sure my shipment stays safe?

We’ve designed a proven packing methodology built from decades of experience that you can learn about in detail on our Safe Packing section. We use custom packing and padding materials, wooden crates, and modular cartons to ensure everything is shipped as tightly and securely as possible. This reduces friction, shipment size, and subsequent costs.

What if my things arrive before I do?

We work with our global partners to organize storage services in a secure, climate-controlled environment short and long-term, so you can rest assured that your possessions stay safe. We also coordinate storage services at the point of origin for anyone who needs it.

How do you handle customs?

A critical part of our service includes providing up-to-date customs information so you know exactly what to ship and the requirements involved. You can learn more on our Customs Information section.