Are there any items that cannot be moved?

There are several types or items that cannot be moved on our vans for safety reasons. Your moving consultant can provide you with a comprehensive list but in general they fall into the following categories: Aerosols, Flammables, Cleaning Agents, Combustibles, Perishables, Plants, Ammunition, Paints. Items such as Jewelry. Coin or Stamp Collections, Stock Certificates. Rare […]

What is involved in a pre-move survey?

A pre-move survey is an inhome Interview between the moving consultant and the customer who is moving. Your AMJ representative will schedule a visit to your home at your convenience to determine the requirements of your move and answer alt your questions it is important that you be there to personally discuss the move process. […]

Is there anything I should know if my shipment is going into storage?

Keep the following in mind. If possible, do not put items In storage that you may need. Your goods will be stored In palletised storage vaults in a Stallion Moving & Storage agent’s warehouse. If you do need to access your storage vaults. you will be charged a fee for warehouse labour. If you do […]

What about my appliances?

Some items like washers, dryers, refrigerators with ice makers, grandfather clocks and pool tables need Special servicing before they can be moved. Your moving Consultant can make these arrangements for you.

Is my furniture protected with Stallion Moving & Storage?

Every piece of furniture is individually protected. We are very proud of our protection policy. In fact, Stallion Moving & Storage has a firm policy regarding the proper wrapping of furniture items for transit. Each item will be carefully wrapped in a clean moving pad. Light coloured upholstered furniture will be shrink-wrapped in plastic for […]

Is there anything Stallion Moving & Storage won’t move?

Well, yes; if it’s not safe to move. If you like, your Stallion Moving & Storage consultant can provide you with a comprehensive list. Briefly, however, here are some things we categorize as potentially not safe to move in our vehicles: aerosols, flammables, cleaning agents, combustibles, perishables, plants, ammunition, and paints. It’s important to note […]

Should I move during summer or winter?

There are a few factors to consider when deciding on a date to move your home or office with Stallion Moving & Storage. The winter months are less busy, so planning and availability is more flexible. Summer is much busier. This means planning further in advance. Thankfully, Stallion Moving & Storage has helpful tips, tricks, […]

When should I start planning for my move?

It’s a good idea to start planning for your home or office move with Stallion Moving & Storage at least seven weeks in advance of moving day. Sure, it may seem like a long time, but you will be surprised how quickly moving day approaches. Don’t worry, your Stallion Moving & Storage team will do […]

How do I stay organized for my move?

The best way to stay organized for a home or office move with Stallion Moving & Storage is to take things step by step and give yourself plenty of time. We recommend keeping track of all your moving details and tasks with Stallion’s moving checklist.

What is the Stallion Moving & Storage Home Safety Assurance Program?

The Home Safety Assurance Program is our commitment to your safety and peace of mind during the moving process. We ensure that every member of our team, from moving consultants to warehouse personnel, has undergone a thorough background check. This program is designed to ensure that only trustworthy and verified individuals are involved in your move.