Essential Tips for Relocating in the Snow

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Moving during the snowy season presents unique challenges and opportunities. While the thought of relocating amidst a winter wonderland might seem daunting, there are distinct advantages and strategies to ensure a hassle-free transition. Here are some key considerations and tips for orchestrating a successful move during the snowy months. 1. Plan for Weather-Related Flexibility Weather […]

Essential Moving Hacks for a Smooth Transition

Essential Moving Hacks

  Moving into your new home should be an exciting and seamless experience, not a series of stressful store runs. To ensure you can relax and enjoy your new space from day one, Stallion Moving & Storage has compiled a comprehensive list of must-haves and essential reminders for your move. Whether you’re a seasoned mover […]

Maximizing Accuracy in Moving Estimates with a Pre-Move Survey

Moving Estimates

Navigating a move, be it for your home or office, involves numerous details and planning. One of the most crucial aspects of this process is accurately estimating the moving costs. This is where a Pre-Move Survey comes into play, a service we highly recommend at Stallion Moving & Storage. Here’s how a Pre-Move Survey can […]

Local Moves – Moving Resources

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Our aim is to make moving simple: Our people are fully uniformed, punctual and experienced and will do their utmost to be as accommodating as possible.  We will disassemble and assemble all furniture and components and arrange and place to any desired floor plan.  We offer clean and reliable equipment, such as floor mats and […]

Effortless Moving in Edmonton: Pro Tips from Stallion Moving and Storage

Effortless Moving in Edmonton

Streamline Your Move in Edmonton with Expert Tips from Stallion Moving and Storage Relocating to a new home in Edmonton can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation and organization, it can also be an exciting journey to a fresh start. Stallion Moving and Storage brings you the top five moving day tips […]

Affinity Vaults Containers

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Stallion Moving and Storage: Your Premier Choice for Container Moves in Edmonton Tailored Container Moves for Small Shipments in Edmonton Stallion Moving and Storage, a leading name in Edmonton’s moving industry, specializes in container moves tailored for small shipments. Whether you’re planning an overseas relocation, a long-distance move across Canada, or a corporate transfer, our […]

The Best Things To Do While Your Movers Are Working

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Maximize Your Moving Day in Edmonton: Essential Tips from Stallion Moving and Storage Moving day can be a whirlwind of activity, especially when you’re transitioning to a new home in Edmonton. With Stallion Moving and Storage handling your move, you have experts in residential relocations at your service. But what should you be doing while […]

What You Should Know About Moving In The Snow

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Embracing the challenge of a winter move can be a uniquely rewarding experience, especially in the snowy landscapes of the north. If you’re planning to relocate between December and February, prepare to navigate through a winter wonderland. The advantage of a winter move with Stallion Moving and Storage Services is the availability of more moving […]

6 Advantages To Moving Over The Holidays In Edmonton

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Navigating a home move during the holiday season might seem daunting amidst the flurry of festive preparations and the unpredictability of winter weather. However, moving during this period has its unique advantages, including potential cost savings. 1. More Flexibility in Scheduling Your Move The holiday season often means more availability for booking your move. As […]

5 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Dispose of Unwanted Furniture

Dispose of Unwanted Furniture

Planning a move to a new home or just in the process of redecorating or decluttering your current space? You might need to part with some large items, such as furniture or appliances. While taking these to the dump might seem like the easiest option, there are more eco-friendly ways to rehome your old furniture. […]