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Stallion Van Lines & The Atlas Quality Program

Atlas Canada is the first van line in Canada to put a quality program in place that requires mandatory actions from our moving consultants and agent moving companies on each move. These are known as “Essential Services” and financial penalties are assigned if these mandatory actions are not followed.

Atlas also believes in providing rewards and recognition to those individuals who provide our customers with exceptional service.You will be invited to provide your assessment of the service after your move is completed via our on-line post move survey.

Stallion Van Lines consistently scores in the highest percentile of all of the Agents across the country. 

Currently, we are the only Atlas agency within the Edmonton area who hold this “Platinum” distinction. We are
particularly pleased that this rating has been given to us by the people who have trusted  us to move them.
This is our true measure for the quality of service that are providing. 

The Stallion Van Lines & Atlas Canada Essential Services

  • Confirmation Letter and Order of Service issued and receipted by Customer
  • Quality Assurance Certificate issued and receipted by Customer
  • OA Control Number obtained by van operator within 24 hours after loading
  • Set-up Carton used on every move
  • Properly completed packing labels used on every move
  • Scaling and Rescaling specific to policy (penalty in addition to SOW penalty)
  • Stretch Wrap of upholstered items
  • 5mm mattress bags used on every mattress
  • Home Protection - floor runners, banister protection and proper tools must be used for each service
  • Microfoam must be used when and as required
  • Proper communication maintained by van operator during transit and particularly in the event of delay
  • DA Control Number obtained by van operator prior to delivery
  • Proactive communication by DA
  • Contact Customer a minimum of 24 to 48 hours in advance of delivery by van operator
  • Proper set-up and reassembly completed by van operator on every move
  • Unpacking Service delivered to standards, unless Customer elects for self unpacking (must be verified by documentation)
  • Carton Pick-ups arranged within two business days of request or as agreed to by customer

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