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Commercial Movers - Saving Office Managers
06 September 2018

Commercial Movers - Saving Office Managers

Many office managers will admit that moving an entire office team can be one of the most difficult parts of their job – but commercial moves are on the rise and we are getting more and more companies contacting us to help organize their relocation.

We have a dedicated group of movers for all of our office moves – and they are special trained in efficiency and organization within an office environment.

Here are a couple of ways our commercial moving crew can ease your mind and assist you with your next office move:

1. Not only do commercial movers physically move your desks and office furniture – they are trained in installation as well. So you’ll be able to rest assured that your office furniture will be properly disassembled and reassembled and ready for you to use again at the end of your move. They have experience in countless different brands and systems – including those with built in power and internet stations.

2. They will come equipped with reusable totes instead of cardboard boxes, as well as specially designed equipment to transport your chairs, computers, files and anything else you may have.

3. Affordable storage options – if the construction has fallen a little bit behind, or you have not yet found a new and permanent office space to move into our commercial department has lots of storage options for you at competitive rates.

4. Our move coordinators will work with you to develop a strategy that works best for your office and your staff in order to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

5. You will have a dedicated contact in our office prior to your move – they will discuss all of the rates, avenues of invoicing and be able to answer any question you might have prior to the date of the move and on the date of the move there will be a supervisor assigned to the crew to ensure everything runs smoothly.

6. Our crews will be able to assist with office decommissioning and clean up for a space that you had previously leased or rented. They are also able to discard any garbage - including large pieces of furniture either by taking them to the dump or donating them to a local charity.

7. Safe IT transport - you wont have to worry about your computers, servers and any other technological equipment being damaged throughout the move as our crews have the proper transportation equipment and are skilled in the connection and disconnection of equipment.

This must be enough to prove to you that hiring a professional office moving company for your next office relocation is the best thing to do - head over to our Testimonials page to read what some of our previous customers have said about our office moving crews!



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    Commercial Movers - Saving Office Managers

    Many office managers will admit that moving an entire office team can be one of the most difficult parts of their job – but commercial moves are on the rise and we are getting more and more comp...
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