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Keeping Yourself Safe from Moving Scams
30 August 2018

Keeping Yourself Safe from Moving Scams

We’ve come across another story in the news in which a woman in Eastern Canada was caught up in a moving scam. Unfortunately this is becoming more and more common within the moving industry – people are being taken advantage of during a stressful time in their life and they are either losing all of their belongings or being charged extravagant amounts of money in order to receive their goods at the end of a move.

We want to ensure that you are being safe when choosing a mover for your next move so we have got some information for you and some tips to keep in mind when choosing the moving company for your next move, whether it be local, long distance or to another country.

Rogue movers can sometimes be hard to spot – they will have a valid phone number, lots of advertising, and even a great looking website. However, with just a little bit more digging you can quickly find out that all of these things are just a front to a less than honest operation.

Just a couple things you should be aware of when booking your move:

  • Rogue movers will typically give you a very low estimate over the phone or internet without actually seeing any of the items in your home. These are typically costs that you would associate with being too good to be true – and they usually are!
  • When the only form of payment accepted is cash, or a very large deposit prior to the move starting (the typical industry standard is around $250)
  • The company website has no local address or no information about their licensing or insurance.
  • The office of the moving company is in incredibly poor condition, or they are non-existent!
  • On moving day the truck that shows up is for another company, a rental truck, or an unmarked truck.

When you are looking into moving companies, make sure to do your research prior to booking your move. Ensure you ask multiple companies to come to your home for a walkthrough and then provide you with a full written estimate.

Avoid picking your moving company based on their price alone – if you opt for the cheapest moving company you will likely get what you pay for, which wont be the best service.

And always begin the moving process with some research and checking with the BBB to find reliable reviews and information about movers! Word of mouth also goes a long way, talk with friends and family that have recently moved, they will give you honest opinions and information about the companies they have hired to do work.


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    We’ve come across another story in the news in which a woman in Eastern Canada was caught up in a moving scam. Unfortunately this is becoming more and more common within the moving industry &nda...
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