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Preparing to move your library

Preparing to move your library

Whether you have a huge library, or just a few bookshelves full of books it can be quite intimidating to begin the steps of packing. There is also an off-chance that very little importance is put on the packing and labelling of books, so it could get pushed to the last minute.

Here’s a quick list that we hope you can use to help you get through packing up all your books!

Optimize your collection:
Books can’t be broken easily, so sometimes there isn’t much of a fuss to get your books packed and moved. The reality that they can stack up and end up weight quite a lot! Go through your books and only keep the ones you know you truly need or would read. The more books to cram into a box, the more it will weigh – and that will add up really fast!

Sort and group your books:
Before you start packing, sort your books into two piles – TAKE & LEAVE.
The LEAVE pile doesn’t necessarily mean these needs to be books that you will be tossing out. You’ve got lots of different options for this pile. You can donate or gift these books to your friends or a local charity; even a hospital, school or nursing home. If the books seem as though they are in a rough state you can also recycle them – a local recycling center will be happy to take them off your hands.

Get the proper packing supplies:
Though books seem like they would be the easiest item to pack you definitely still need the proper packing materials. Invest in some heavy duty boxes that have thick cardboard components and are not too big so they don’t become too heavy. Pick up some extra packing paper to wrap your valuable books, some packing tape so you can reinforce the bottom of all the boxes, and finally a marker – make sure you label all your boxes so you know they will be heavy and so you are aware what kind of item is in the box.

Prepare the boxes for increased efficiency:
Ensure none of the boxes are ripped, damp, or have tears or holes. Books are too heavy to be moved in unreliable boxes, and doing so will just end in more work for yourself or your movers. Add an extra layer of packing tape to the bottom seam to ensure that the container won’t give out on itself, and finally add a couple of pieces of packing paper to the bottom of the box just for that extra bit of insulation and care.

Learn the best way to pack books before your move:
Valuable books should be wrapped in soft packing paper, and if you happen to own some particularly valuable books, we suggest you keep them in your possession through the duration of your move.
If you pack your books upright make sure you have the open parts facing the box, kind of like the way you would see books lined up on a shelf. The other option is flat, which is probably the safest way of moving your books. Stack them along the box sides keeping the heavier and larger copies at the bottom and working your way up to the lighter copies on the top. Avoid packing the boxes too tightly, and fill any large gaps with crumpled packing paper so none of the printed works shift around during transport. And finally, tape the box securely across the top and label it appropriately.

Follow the safety rules:
Try to keep the weight of the box to 40lbs or under, books are heavier than you think and it can get overwhelming very quickly and if you need help moving the box once it’s full make sure to ask for some help!



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